Linux vi Editor configure

vi editor config file is named “.vimrc”.

make this file at your home directory. “/home/username/.vimrc”.

# vi /home/username/.vimrc


# cd
# vi .vimrc

insert line you needed.

scripte utf-8
set nocp // remove original vi options and use only vim functions
set all& // set original option
set hi=50 // set history size
set vb // visual bell error message instead of sound
set lpl // load plugin when start program

set enc=utf-8 // encoding option

if has("gui_running")
    // set font
    if has("win32")
        set gfn=Fixedsys:h10:cHANGEUL
        elseif has("unix") set gfn=나눔고딕코딩 10
    // set background theme
    colorscheme desert
    // vim size
    set lines=30
    set co=150

set esckeys // set key default in insert mode
syntax on // code highlighting
set tabstop=4 // set tab size

for more options are needed, refer this site ““.

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